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Kino Scialabba

Kino Scialabba is a world-renowned artist and visual futurist.  You’ve seen his otherworldly creatures, environments and dreamscapes in the most popular films.  He has also been featured in television shows and publications and gives lectures at seminars around the world in order to motivate creativity.


His collection, Lux Incognita, represents artifacts from his travels in the subconscious realm. By honing his ability to see other worlds around him, he studies patterns and elements, so he can recreate materials that don't actually exist in our dimension yet.


Kino's distinct style is the result of his approach to his art as a Renaissance man.   His curiosity and insatiable appetite for knowledge drives his passion to study art, history, technology, anthropology and the sciences. 


His unique vision has propelled him into many creative outlets, from art direction, conceptual design, virtual reality, and screenplays. Kino's finger remains on the pulse of popular culture as he continues to push the visual boundaries of today, tomorrow and beyond.

We hope you enjoy the journey into the artistic mind of Kino.

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